Windows 7 Printer Driver Removal
Author: jason
Date: 2011-01-22 12:24:25
Category: Technical

Remove a printer and sometimes the printer driver sticks around. Want to remove the driver package too? Use the local Print Server Properties with the command PRINTUI.

You may need to do this if trying to load or reload a Printer off a Network Print Server and you know the Print Server has just been updated with new drivers. But everytime you Remove and Re-Add the printer you get the same drivers you had before the Print Server was updated. This is because Windows 7 may be keeping the original driver package on your computer, even though you are removing the printer device. You need to remove the Printer Driver Package too.

First remove the printer from the Devices and Printers Control Panel applet.

Go to the RUN window by clicking Orb button (the Start button) then Run or pressing the Windows Key + R.
Type: printui /s /t2
Click OK, or press Enter on the keyboard

In the Print Server Properties window highlight the installed printer driver you want to delete and click Remove.

Click "Remove driver and driver package"
Click OK

Click Yes to the question about deleting the printer driver package.

You may see a message about not being able to delete the driver package, Cancel, and close PRINTUI

Go back to Devices and Printers and make sure all printers that use that driver have been removed. In some cases, rebooting the computer or Stopping/Restarting the Print Spooler is needed. In extreme cases, the driver has to be found and deleted from the Registry.

After making sure the printers using the driver have been removed, go back into PRINTUI and remove the package again. Click the Delete button.

Now the printer driver package should be deleted from your computer. The next time you load the printer you will be prompted to specify the drivers, if Windows 7 doesn't have them natively.

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