Small Office Setup
Author: jason
Date: 2009-08-10 09:32:34
Category: Technical

Setting up a small office for 1-5 people doesn't need to be difficult. The phone/cable company can give us a phone line or two with a DSL/Cable modem for the internet. After that we only need to connect the computers together.

Here is an example small office. We have an office assistant, two offices, and a small conference room. At this time we do not need a central place to store computer files, keeping them on the work stations is fine. If we must, we can perform backups with an external hard drive or thumb drive. This will allow us to take our backups to an off-site location if necessary.

To connect multiple computers in this office we will use a wireless broadband router. The router will serve three purposes.

1) Connect and control access to the internet via the DSL/Cable modem.
2) Provide basic security against internet threats.
3) Allow us to connect multiple devices together.

We can run cables to each work station using the ceiling to cross the rooms. Running cables will ensure connectivity to the internet in case there is wireless radio interference. Conduit or cable raceways will be used to conceal the cables going up and down the walls. We will connect three computers and a printer with LAN (Local Area Network) cables to the four port router. If the printer isn't capable of connecting to the router we will move/share it from the assistant's work station.

We will allow only pre-authorized computers to connect wirelessly. If running cables is too much of a challenge, or too expensive, we can put wireless adapters on the work stations. We will also setup security so other individuals cannot read our wireless transmissions.

This is just an example. There are many ways to connect computers together, just as there are many ways small offices are setup. Each scenario should be analyzed and a plan developed to account for the unique circumstances.

There are also many ways to secure your computers and other devices with firewalls, anti-virus, scanning, patching, etc... Security is important to your business and should be tailored to meet your needs.

If you would like more information, please let me know. I am more than happy to provide advice and assistance.

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