personal Daily Activity Log
Author: jason
Date: 2009-07-29 15:57:05
Category: Technical

pDAL is a small Visual Basic application written with Visual Studio 2008 that enables users to log and chart their daily activities.

Version 1.3 here

.NET Framework 3.5
Windows Installer 3.0

pDAL uses a Microsoft Access database for its backend storage engine. Currently adding Tasks and Subtasks is a manual process with the Access database.

After opening pDAL the user can select what Access database they wish to use, by clicking the Edit - Database button, and browsing to an Access database.

The user can then select Tasks and Subtasks, enter the amount of time spent, write a short description and click Submit.

View the specific entries, only going back a week for brevity, by clicking the Log button

View the last 7 days in a column chart by clicking the 7 Days button

View the last 90 days in a pie chart by clicking the 90 Days button

Review the application information with the About button

More is planned for pDAL, when I get time.

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