Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Installation
Author: jason
Date: 2008-04-08 23:46:50
Category: Technical

Here is a quick run-through on installing SQL Server 2005. This install uses the Developer edition of SQL Server 2005.

To install the Reporting Services function of SQL 2005 the base server needs to have Internet Information Server installed. The Reporting Service will create a couple Virtual Directories in IIS. Also, not having IIS installed will cause the setup to gray out the option of selecting Reporting Services.

Install the latest service pack and patches
Install the latest .NET Framework
Install and configure Internet Information Services
a) Go into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components
b) Go into the Details of the Application Server
c) Go into the Details of the Internet Information Services (IIS)
d) Check World Wide Web Service
e) Check ASP.NET
f) Click OK and Next through the install screens
g) Have the Windows CD ready to copy the necessary files

Insert the Microsoft SQL 2005 CD/DVD into the server
Right-click the CD/DVD drive select AutoPlay
Select the correct operating system, most likely x86-based

In the Install section click, "Server components, tools, Books Online, and samples"

Accept the license agreement

Click Install to continue

Click Next, after the prerequisites have been installed

Click Next on the install welcome screen

Confirm the configuration check. If something has not passed, then review the message and fix the problem before continuing

Enter a name and/or company and the product key

Check all the components. I'm checking everything, because I want it all. All!! And well, what if I need it later? Also, selecting the "Workstation components" will add "Business Intelligence Development Studio" which is a stripped down Visual Studio 2005 with report modules. It can be used to build reports for the Reporting Services function.

Ensure "Default instance" is selected

Use the "Local system" account for the service account

Select "Mixed Mode"
Enter a password for the "sa" account

Click Next

Select "Install the default configuration" for Report Server Installation Options

Informational Only: clicking details on the prior screen displays this information concerning the Report Server configuration

Click Next on the Error and Usage Report Settings

Click Next to install SQL Server 2005

Wait while SQL installs

Click Next

Click Finish


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