simple Report Distribution
Author: jason
Date: 2007-10-28 02:13:32
Category: Technical

simple Report Distribution is a small Visual Basic application written with Visual Studio 2008 Beta that enables users to quickly send repetitious reports.

Distro v1.2.2

.Net Framework 2.0 20MB
Windows Installer 3.0 2.5MB
Microsoft Office Interop Outlook DLL (included in the zip file)
Microsoft Outlook version 2000 or higher (not included)

Open the Distro.exe after extracting all files. Select the sample database by going to File - Database - Location. Two sample reports and three users are already loaded into the database.

Using the dropdown menu, select a report and click Send

Outlook should automatically open a new email message. Based on your selection Distro looked through the contacts table in the database and selected users to send the email message.

Contacts can be added, changed, or removed from the database.

The contacts are displayed in table rows. Each field can be updated. Each row can be deleted. To delete a user click the row arrow, on the left, and click the Delete button on the keyboard. Then click the Save button. After editing a user, click the Save or Cancel button. The Cancel button will refresh the table and ignore your changes. To add a new user go to the bottom of the table and start entering information into the last empty row. The key to selecting the users for the email message is the "reports" field on the right.

Reports can also be added, changed, or removed.

The Search Characters section must be matched in the Contact's Report field. Distro puts wildcard statements around the characters to search the reports field and select email addresses. Multiple reports can be made each using the same search characters, only the Display Name needs to be unique.

Often when Distro is opened for the first time, it cannot locate the default database. Here is the error that might appear. Simply go into File - Database - Locate and point it at the distro.mdb.

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