simple Master Station Log
Author: jason
Date: 2007-08-30 12:03:12
Category: Technical

simple Master Station Log is a small Visual Basic application written with Visual Studio Express that enables users to begin quickly adding entries to a MSL. Each entry is automatically stamped with the date/time. The output is a CSV file, delimited with tabs. Added categories.txt file alongside the MSL.exe will add to the dropdown, one line at a time.

sMSL v1.4.7
sMSL v1.4.8

.Net Framework 2.0 20MB
Windows Installer 3.0 2.5MB

A unique MSL file is named on startup, if there isn?t an MSL already in use. The Date/Time field auto updates every 60 seconds. The time choices in the Options page let the user select GMT vs Local time zone and Military vs Civilian hours. The Category field is a preset dropdown, but also allows the user to type in whatever category they want.

When the submit button is pressed the entry will be written to the output MSL file. If the file doesn?t exist, it will be created. After the entry is recorded the Date/Time field is reset and the Subject/Entry fields are cleared. The Category field holds its value. It is assumed the user will want to write another entry in that category again.

The user can review the CSV file. The tabs are converted to new lines for readability. If the user wants they can create a new MSL file with a preset unique name (based on the date/time). The main MSL entry form will be updated with the new file name. The MSL is re-read every 60 seconds.

Currently the only options available to the user are the time choices: GMT vs Local time zone and Military vs Civilian hours.

Program, current version, and contact information is located in the About form.

The output is tab delimited in a CSV file. Entries can be edited in Notepad.

The output can also be opened with Excel to sort the entries by date/time or other fields like category or subject. The file can be split apart by the tabs so each section is put into a separate column.

Open the CSV in Excel, if not prompted to convert the text to columns follow the below instructions.
Highlight column A (the first column with all the entries)
Go to: Data ? Text to Columns, ensure Delimited is select
Click Next, tabs should be the default delimiter.
Click Finish
Save the file as an Excel spreadsheet

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