Installing Desired Configuration Monitor (DCM)
Author: jason
Date: 2007-05-04 14:50:10
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If you have a couple servers and a couple technicians in the office you've probably run into server drift. You've sat in front of a server and thought, "When did this get changed?" It's a fairly common problem and it isn't easy or cheap to remedy. As the number of servers and technicians grow the server drift rate does too. Microsoft has a free tool called Desired Configuration Monitor to help with identifying server drift.

DCM is a small tool, currently in version 2.0, that comes in two flavors:
One for .NET 1.1 13.3MB
Another for .NET 2.0 14.2MB

DCM can be installed on workstations and servers. DCM can monitor settings in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the system registry, the Internet Information Services metabase, an Active Directory directory service, the SQL Server data source, and the Windows File System (WFS). It does so by using XML config files (templates) to define hardware and software configurations.

Installing DCM
After downloading the appropriate version unpack the zip
Navigate to the extracted files

Double-click DCMSolutionSetup.msi
On the "Welcome to the DCMSolution Setup Wizard" screen click Next
Agree to the license and click Next
Select where you want DCM to install to on the hard drive, default is fine
Choose to install DCMSolution for everyone who uses the computer and click Next
On the "Confirm Installation" screen click Next
On the "Select components to be installed" screen check "Engine Components" and "DCM Authoring Tool" click Next
To install the "DCM Reports" you will need a SMS server on the network

On the "Prequisites Check" screen click Confirm
On the "Installation Complete" screen click Close
DCM should now be installed in the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\DCMSolution

The DCM Command Line Wrapper folder contains the scanning engine: DCMCmd.exe and RunDCM.bat
The DCM UI folder contains the template authoring tool: DCMAuthor.exe

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