Running DCM
Author: jason
Date: 2007-05-04 14:54:43
Category: Technical

DCM can be run via the provided batch file: RunDCM.bat. In an enterprise environment SMS is used to advertise and run DCM. In a small workcenter DCM can be run via Scheduled Tasks. The format for running DCM is: "rundcm.bat inputfile outputfile"

Make sure a template is located in the DCM Command Line Wrapper folder

Open a command prompt and navigate to the "DCM Command Line Wrapper" folder
Type the following command "RunDCM.bat SystemPages.xml SystemPageOutput.xml" and hit return

If you look in the Application log of the Event Viewer you should have start and stop events for DCM being run. If the SystemPages registry key was not set to 0 you'd also have a DCM error message. The template we used in this example was created in an earlier DCM article.

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