Basic DCM Template
Author: jason
Date: 2007-05-04 14:52:10
Category: Technical

It's a pretty easy task to create a template to check for registry settings. Let's check the SystemPages setting under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. You can read more about the specific setting here: SystemPages set too high

Double-click the DCMAuthor.exe, default location: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\DCMSolution\DCM UI"
At the top click "Configuration" then "Create Configuration"
On the right click "Add Rule"

There are two "Common Rules" to choose from: CheckServiceState and HotFixID
For now select "Create Custom Rule" click Next

On the "Create New Rule" screen select "Registry" as the Data Source
Leave "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" as the Hive Name
Enter "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management" as the Key Name
Enter "SystemPages" as the Registry Value and click Next

On the next page set SystemPages to "NotEqualTo"
Enter 0 and click Next

On the next page you can enter a custom "Event Description", "Event ID", and set the "Severity" level
Click Next

Review the "Rule Summary" screen and click Finish

Your first template is ready for saving
Click "Configuration" and then "Save Configuration"
Ensure you are saving to the "DCM Command Line Wrapper" folder
Enter a short, but descriptive file name (such as SystemPages) and click Save

Choose "OS" in the "Configuration Type" dropdown
Click OK

Close the DCM Authoring tool

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