How to setup IIS 5.0 on XP Home
Author: jason
Date: 2002-10-18
Category: Technical

Installing a full version of IIS on XP Home isn't too hard. All that's needed is a Windows 2000 CD for a couple files and trick XP Home into installing IIS.

1. Go into SysOc.inf (in Windows/INF) look for this line:


Change it to:


2. Then get the IIS.DLL and IIS.INF off the W2K CD, put them in a temp folder.
3. They'll probably be packed down. But you can extract them with the EXPAND command from within the temp folder. Drop into DOS, change to the temp dir, type

EXPAND iis.dl_ iis.dll

4. After they are uncompressed rename them to IIS2.DLL and IIS2.INF.
5. Put the DLL file into system32/setup and the INF into the INF folder.
6. Then go to Add/Remove - Windows Setup. And check the box for IIS. You'll need the XP and W2K CD to complete the installation.

This works for XP Home, and should XP Pro (though I wonder if XP Pro doesn't already have the full-fledged IIS 5.0)...

An article about this is here:

If you really worried about security there are a number of things to to lock down IIS.
1. Change the default NTFS permissions !!!
2. Remove/Rename/Relocate the default folders/scripts
3. Set the correct permissions on the registry
4. Run the IIS LockDown tool
5. Keep it patched with updates from MS
6. Put No Access on the cmd.exe for IUSR

Permissions links:;EN-US;Q271071&LN=EN-US

With proper security settings IIS is not too bad of a web server.

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