Minimal FreeBSD 4.8 Install
Author: jason
Date: 2003-11-23
Category: Technical

So you want to install FreeBSD, eh? Going to use a spare drive, or make room on your WinDoze drive? Make at least 1 Gig room... Hmm... I wonder if it will dual boot? No promises on that...

Download the FreeBSd isos and burn them!!
Insert FreeBSD 4.8 Install CD
Turn on computer (or reboot)
You should see "FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loading"
If not, then the disk might be corrupt...
Hit Enter to boot immediately, or wait it out. It's up to you...
Choose Skip Kernel Config, because you wouldn't be reading this if you knew how to config the kernel, would you?

sysinstall Main Menu
Select Standard
It will take you into fdisk
Choose an unused piece of your hard drive. Or delete anything you don't want.
Hit C to create
Type the size you want in megabytes (follow it with a M). Use at least 1000M
Keep the 165 type of partition for FreeBSD
Hit Q to quit
Go ahead and install the BootMgr, if you want... You might be able to boot into WinDoze again... *grin* If you want you can quit at this point with out writing anything to the partition table... But BSD does a prety good job of letting you boot into both systems
Create your BSD slices now
Hit A to auto create your slices
Hit Q to quit
Scroll down in Choose Distribution
Select (with the spacebar) Minimal, hit Enter
Install from CD/DVD, Yes!

Congrats! FreeBSD is installed!

Configure Ethernet? Yes!
Choose appropriate network interface (probably the first one)
No to IPv6
DHCP? Yes, if you want to... or not...
Review/type your IP and Hostname info
Network Gateway? No!
Config inetd and network services? No!
Anonymous FTP? No!
NFS Server? No!
NFS Client? No!
Moderate Security? Yes! Haha... have to hit no on this one... almost gotcha...
Customize Console? No!
Set TimeZone? Yes!
UTC? No!
Select region, then country/area...
Linux Binary Compatibility? Yes!
Do you have a non-usb mouse? Well, do you? If so, choose yes. Now disable it!! We're not getting a GUI anyways!! Then exit the mouse daemon
Browse the FreeBSD collection? No!
Add initial user accounts? Yes!
Add your user account. Don't forget to put yourself into the wheel group if you want to be able to su
Exit the add user/group menu
Set system manager's password? Yes! This is the root password
Visit general configuration for last changes? No! You can always get back into this configuration by typing /stand/sysinstall as root
Exit Install

Do you wish to Exit?? Yes!! Now remove your FreeBSD install CD and watch BSD boot up...

Now what are you going to? Eh? Eh? You are such a BSD geek...

written by jasonthomasfrance
date 25 Nov 2003
systems FreeBSD 4.8

jason @ - - copyright 2009