DevOps: Release Management and PowerShell DSC Links
Author: jason
Date: 2015-09-02 08:41:27
Category: Technical

Here is quite a few links/blogs about Release Management and PowerShell Desired State Configuration that I've run across.

Release Management References

System requirements for Release Management

Automate deployments with Release Management

Automate and manage your deployments with Release Management

Release your app to environments without deployment agents

Configure Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

What I learnt getting Release Management running with a network Isolated environment

Release Management and PowerShell

Trigger Visual Studio Release Management vNext from TeamCity

Trigger Release from build with Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

What are the System variables for PS / DSC deployments in Release Management?

Windows Management Framework References

Windows Management Framework 4.0 Download

Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview Download

Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview April 2015 is now available

Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 Roadmap

PowerShell Desired State Configuration References

Get Started with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Tip: Enable and Use Remote Commands in Windows PowerShell

Enable-PSRemoting Configures the computer to receive remote commands.

Built-In Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Resources

Separating Configuration and Environment Data

Desired State Configuration Blog Series Part 1, Information about DSC

Configuration in a DevOps world - Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Reusing Existing Configuration Scripts in PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Separating "What" from "Where" in PowerShell DSC

DSC Resource Kit (All Modules)

Use PowerShell DSC to Configure the Registry

Desired State Configuration: how does it work? (Part 2)

Using PowerShell DSC in Release Management: The Hidden Manual

Real Config Handling for DSC in RM

Using WebDeploy in vNext Releases

Desired State Configuration - ConfigurationData

Debugging a DSC script for Release Management

PowerShell DSC Getting Your DependsOn

How to Deploy Web Site with PowerShell DSC

PowerShell 4 Desired State Configuration - Enforce NTFS permissions

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