SQL: Always On Availability Group - Custom Report v1.1
Author: jason
Date: 2014-05-08 14:49:01
Category: Musing

While the built SQL 2012 Dashboard Reports are nice, I wanted to see a little more information. I created an RDL to tie my previous AOAG queries together for a nice little custom report.

Here is an Example report
Download RDL v1.1 (Right-Click the link and choose Save Link As)

To run this report directly in Studio Management:
1. Download the linked RDL to your desktop
2. Open SQL Studio Management
3. Connect to a SQL Server
4. Right-click the server
5. Choose Reports
6. Choose Custom Reports…
7. Browse to the RDL and Select it
8. To Export as PDF, right click inside the report window and choose Export…

If you are nervous about using the RDL, open it with Notepad and review the queries.

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