MacBook Air and Windows 2008 R2 Server
Author: jason
Date: 2014-01-28 08:57:21
Category: Musing

I am dual-booting my MacBook Air with OSX and Windows 2008 R2. I was even able to load the Bootcamp x64 drivers to get the NIC, Graphics, Keyboard and most of the other drivers loaded.

Here were the steps I took
1) Shrink the Mac partition from within OSX and create a new FAT32 partition
2) Used the Bootcamp utility in OSX to download the drivers onto a FAT32 USB drive
3) Rebooted the computer and boot off a USB CD/DVD with the W2K8 R2 disk
4) Used Custom setup in W2K8 R2 to format the extra partition
5) To mimic Ctrl + Alt + Del I used the Command + U to open up accessibility and enable the On Screen Keyboard. Then I was able to click Ctrl + Alt + Del to login
6) After Windows install, plugged in the FAT32 USB drive, navigated into the Apple directory
7) Right clicked the Bootcamp x64 MSI to change the Compatibility settings to run as a Previous Version
8) Double clicked the MSI to install the drivers

Now I have Windows 2008 R2 Server running on my MacBook Air.

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